Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rain Rain

Don't know if it's all the rain we've had, my raised beds, my square foot method :) or a bit of all, but things are exploding in my garden. I goofed by placing the zucchini in the wrong spot, but next year I'll adjust. I wonder if it's OK to cut back some of the zucchini leaves as they are encroaching on my other stuff :)

I think next year, I'm gonna just put the seeds right in the garden rather than start in the house. The few that I started in the garden are doing much better than any from seed. Also, flower seeds are more troublesome than vegetable seeds so it seems. I put in a trellis following the suggestion from Mel's book. Using conduit and getting 50' of trellis netting (still have ton's left) I made two trellis. One for my peas and one for my tomatoes. Apparently I can keep the trellis in place throughout the winter which will be nice. I'm also pinching the suckers that are growing on the tomatoes to prevent too much bushiness and to help force more veggies. I added some swiss chard for the bunnies (hope they like swiss chard). Here are some updated pictures of my garden:

Full Garden

My Tomatoes (7 plants)

zucchini going into the cucumbers

Pumpkin, Cantaloup, Watermelon

Snow Peas and Sugar Snap Peas growing but no flowers yet.

Carrots and Swiss Chard & Arugula to the right of the carrots.


Romaine Lettuce & Spinach (didn't do well at all, I'm just letting it go to seed.

The one soy bean plant of about 8 seeds that I planted that survived.

Another shot of the carrots, swiss chard etc...marigolds in the front from seed are the biggest I've ever seen but no flowers yet..