Saturday, November 20, 2010

Chester County Food Bank

I am going to be helping out by doing volunteering work with the Chester County Food Bank.  In September, they came out to Matt's school to put in some raised beds.  The school will be planting and maintaining the beds throughout the growing season.  When the time comes to harvest the vegetables, they will give all the food to the food bank to help those in need in Chester County.  The day that the Food Bank came out to set up the beds, I volunteered to help out with the students and was very interested in what they were doing.  I wanted to get more involved so I contacted them and asked how I can help with other projects.  I am now going to be helping with maintaining 20 raised beds at Springton Manor Farm in Glenmore, PA. 

Today we started building the beds.  We put in 6 of the 20 beds.  These 6 will be double highs.  The remaining 14 will be singles.  This winter we will also be starting a nursery program at the farm.  Here are some pictures of the bed construction project.

Matt helping with staking in the beds.      

Time for a break with a visit to with the goats.

This is the nursery where we will be growing the seeds this winter.
The first 6 beds are done!
We have 14 more to go!  Last season they planted without raised beds and the weeds were a nightmare.
A job well done!
I'm really excited about this project!  To be helping out, giving to the community and to be doing something that I love love love!  I hope to learn a lot this growing season from some really neat people that I've met so far!