Thursday, April 15, 2010

The cherry trees are in bloom

Well, it's been a while since my last post. Not to say that it hasn't been a busy spring. I am so happy to see the flowers coming up and the trees waking from their winter slumber. I love the spring as it means garden prep starts as well as the running season can start up for me too. My goal this year is to do the Philadelphia Marathon in November and to do it in 4:30 (fingers crossed)

Last weekend I ran my 2nd race of the season; the Cherry Blossom 10 miler in Washington DC. My first race was two weeks prior doing the Kutztown Fools Run (another 10 mile race). That was a tough one as the hills were intense. However I am using the Cherry Blossom race as my pre-season lets-see-how-out-of-shape-I'm-in test. The weather was beautiful and even saw some cherry blossoms along the course. The only factor was my bio-needs. Pre-race bathroom access is always a challenge. There are never enough port-o-potties to go around. Needless to say the first 6 miles were a bit distracting for me. After trying to get in one at mile 2 and the line being too long to wait, I trudged on. Finally I found relief at mile 6. By this time I was at the back of the pack trying to stay ahead of the pace bus.

Finishing the race with an 11:40 pace is probably one of my worst times. Blame it on being ill-prepared. Lesson learned...get there early in plenty of time to get on that bathroom line.

I got some nice shots of the course though:

At the starting line..bright and early

Arlington National Cemetery

Over the bridge...Jefferson Memorial across the river

At mile 7 and see there are some cherry trees in bloom!

At the finish with one of my loyal fans

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  1. Great photo"s..I was so into the race the only thing I saw was the Cherry Blossom trees.My wife and I also got caught up in the potty lines at the start and I arrived at the start at 7:10 without too much warm up.I did have fun and it was a good course.My first three races of this year were training runs and the last three are the first real races that I've competed in so I know how you feel..good luck and keep pushing onward.