Sunday, April 25, 2010

Shed Renovations

In the fall of last year, we had planned on doing some modifications to our shed and make it more of a "greenhouse" so I can start my seeds in it. Well, we never did get around to it in the fall, but we were able to add on to it over two weekends this spring. Here are some pictures of the project.

This is the shed before we started. It's an 8'x8' shed. However, the base footprint we had initially made was larger than the shed as we used to have a plant shelf there for bonsai. The shelf has since rotted and fallen apart so we had a nice place to add on. (an additional 2 -1/2 feet)

Getting ready to knock out the wall. Plan is to remove this window wall and move it out a couple feet and add more windows and a plexi glass roof for letting the sun in.

Base floor in and framed out the sides and the roof.

All together, 2 new windows and moved the original window to the side. Clear roofing.

Inside, with a nice work area for potting and starting seeds.
(See the tomatoes and peppers started?)
All ready for this growing season.

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