Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The chilluns are growing

I've been tending to the tomatoes, peppers and broccoli seedlings in our bedroom the past month.  Yes, perhaps I was a bit eager with starting them, but I don't mind watching them grow.  A little taste of spring perhaps.  Spring just can't get here fast enough.  Anyway, the tomatoes are really starting to get bigger so I needed to upgrade them a bit from their original peat pellets into larger pots.  (Makes me think of that book A Fish Out Of Water).  Anyway, I did that this evening outside in shed.  So here they are.

My plan is to have 8 tomato plants this season.  The seeds I used were from several seasons back so I basically tripled up on each variety of them to be sure that I'd get some successful germination of each.

This weekend I will transfer the peppers to larger pots as well.  (I just ran out or I would have done that tonight).

Additionally I ordered a Bluecrop highbush blueberry bush and that came in the mail a few weeks back.  I put that in the ground a couple weeks ago.

I'm really hoping that I have success with it.  I planted a raspberry bush a few years back and it's being growing like a weed, but has yet to give me any fruit.  I'm hoping that the blueberry bush will give me some successes.  I know that I'll have to wait a few years but I don't mind, I enjoy the process.

However, the other day, Matt was out playing with his friends in the backyard.  I guess they didn't see my new planting.  (My bad for not putting something around it).  Needless to say, it has suffered it's first setback, d'oh!

I don't know what to say...I hope that it doesn't stress it out too much.  I'm hoping I can salvage the broken branch.  I put it in a glass of water.  Who knows...maybe it will take root.  I've had successes like that before.

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  1. Leave it to the hoople to trample the bush. lol.